Tuesday, November 27, 2007

~ Silence ~

Eloquent or extravagant
none can explain the ONE
when you are one with it
distortion can only be the expression
presented by the wonder words
No known can reveal the Unknown
Known can only relate
Unknown only can connect
best left to be
and dwell in its kingdom
The eternal silence.


David said...

Silence is a statement which can mean many things. Love, caring, hate, tension, peace, strife, all can be encompassed by silence. Yet, when one is in it, there is no doubt as to which of these is meant. Silence is truly golden.

Merging Point said...

yes mostly mistaken for the quietness which can happen in anger, hatred too. Its a suppression and not silence. But this is the silence of a vibrant void which can be experienced when meditation happens with Divine grace.