Wednesday, November 28, 2007

~ Relate / Connect ~

Music -- Its there in some form or the other in everyone's life. Some love singing, some just listening. Nature presents the best of unheard tunes and melody all the time. Silence and stillness is the platform for that everlasting music with the great performers --thunder, storm or a cuckoo's call, fingers of the wind strumming the leaves....etc. name it --rock, jazz, pop, country, nothing left by nature. The question is " are you there to listen?"
Our intellectuals too have offered us with the best of systems to listen to the music. They are all well promoted and exquisitely displayed in showrooms which eventually find a place with the individual at home, work place or anywhere. How does one listen to it?
Looking at a plug point, everybody knows it as a channel for utilizing the electricity. But one has to plug in the music system to listen. Thats connecting to the source. Knowing the plug point is relating to it as a channel for electricity. Plugging in is connecting to the unknown source, electricity. so is it with nature too. Knowing all the performers is relating, connecting to the unknown beyond the form is listening to the music. Relating to the creation, connecting to the creator to let the eternal music go on.
Relationship, mostly ends up with only relating and rarely gets connected beyond the barriers of nametags-- father,mother, friend, child...... Thats why "Master--Disciple" is called as the "Relationless relationship". Wonderful source to relate and connect too, only then the music flows. Stop only with relating, be assured, its not just the music alone which would be missing but sure to have miseries of your own mind. Relate -- only misery. Relate to connect -- Lovely music! Choose the right one and be there at the right time.


Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

May your soul always sing and your heart always hear the rhythm of spiritual peace. You have a beautiful blog I intend to get to know better.

You're a blessing to this world. :D

Hugs, JJ

Merging Point said...

Welcome JJ loch!
yes, Blessed as you and everyone to be here and lets be grateful to the existence for all the benedictions.