Saturday, November 17, 2007


Patience in anticipation, in hope for the better can only lead one to become a patient. Its a waiting, taking one to the unknown future and the greatest thief that steals the present moment and pushes one into a sickness. The beauty of 'living in the present moment" can never ever be tasted by this kind of patience in anticipation. Naturally, anything thats artificial or forced upon oneself is bound to reflect in ones own personality. A simple natural smile becomes a distant future thats never going to be. However smart one tries to disguise, its a foul smell that can never be contained or sealed.
Whereas the Real patience helps one to grow in awareness, to move within to tap the potential of the source and thereby naturally glows with the radiant smile and emanating the fragrance that no boundary can hold. Meditation is the process of Real patience. Beautifully expressing the essence of such patience,

Living Master Akshara says

"Patiently, lovingly waiting for the Divine is Meditation"


David said...

Patience is truly a great virtue. For those who attain it, it reaps tremendous benefits. The only problem is getting to be meek enough to gain it.

Merging Point said...

Not getting trapped with the usual sense of patience, but being in meditation attains it.
its a tricky one indeed! Nothing to gain, nothing to lose.