Wednesday, November 21, 2007

~ Dog the Disciple ~

Creation is just a way to the Creator. He has been so generous and kind in His expressions. Just when one is in the right frame of mind, the channel opens up to let the insight happen. Clearer the mind, better the vision to insight.
Dog -- wonderful pet known for its obedience and gratefulness! Nothing else would matter to it other than its master's commands. Initially, the dog is trained to the words of its master. But those who have had the opportunity to grow with a dog would know that just a look from the master , the dog obeys the signal. So much in tune with the Master! A 'go away, come here, stay quiet, move in action, catch, drop etc... are all just mere commands for it to perform and it does, not because of fear but out of that great love. What a wonderful creation to teach the lessons of disciplehood -- obedience(no questioning, interpreting mind), gratefulness, 100% performance. Above all unlike some human disciples, it never ever barks or bites(anti propaganda, cribbing) its master simply because it does not differentiate the commands as good and bad. What a lesson of surrender to learn! It values its Master's command more than its own wish if at all there is any.
Take a look at the spelling of this amazing creation too! Dog --- God!
Disciple -- Master! one within the other. Its the transformation, the formation of letters which makes the difference. To realize the god within, be a true disciple to The Master!

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