Sunday, November 4, 2007

~ ChallengE ~

CHALLENGE -- chaLLEnge -- Change

Isnt it the change thats brought in or happened turns out to become a challenge? Starting from the change of seasons, from sunny days to rainy ones --it can turn out to be a challenge for a housewife to get the clothes dried in rainy days especially when faced with limited space in an apartment. While one accepts, learns and becomes an expert to go with the flow of changes, another resists and tries to reject the change. The end result, acceptance and learning-- smooth functioning(normal), resistance and rejection-- chaos and confusion! An expert driver is the one who can cruise at 120kmph in an empty road and also has control to drive at 20kmph in a traffic congestion, both performed in same poise. When one fails to learn the controls and apply them appropriately, even a simple change can appear like a monster. While in acceptance, learning and applying flows naturally and facilitates to turn the most challenging situations into an ordinary change. So, the basic platform for this to be a change or a challenge is obviously the mind. Learn the mechanics of the mind to drive smoothly irrespective of an empty road or a jampacked traffic. Here is the words of wisdom from

Living Master Akshara
Rajo Guna = The accelerator (seeking, searching etc)
Tamo Guna = The Break (withdraw, renounce etc)
Sattwa Guna = The Clutch (attunement with accelerator and the breaks).

Learn them and find that you nolonger have to encounter or counter a challenge, but just be with the flow of the change!

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