Tuesday, November 13, 2007

~ Bungee Jumping ~

An adventurous sport, loved by many, experienced by few and never ever dream of venturing into it by lots and lots -- The Bungee Jumping!

This sport has three stages, climbing up the steps, watching from the platform and finally jumping. Life is a sport. Knowledge are the steps taking one to reach the edge--the platform. Know-the-edge = knowledge. Transformation is the platform. Transform all that has been formed in climbing up the steps. That which is formed can only be transformed. The knowledge that was formed to climb the steps gets transformed to be the original, natural one. Then comes the jumping. Let go- is the mantra, simple two little words that turn out to be the huge obstacle.

This sport loved by many reach upto the platform but fail to perform the "let go" stage. They just return back to the steps --caught in the knowledge. Its the fear, insecurity -- the blocks that arrests the freeflow. Even with the best of safety systems, letting go is a big hurdle. The one who lets go is the one who is anchored well within and has that innate adventure to experience thats beyond, The Real natural one. Lesser the hurdles closer is the reach. Once off the platform, its an experience by itself and watching them depicts the freedom. On reaching, its full of smile!


Swahilya said...


David said...

I haven't gone bungee jumping, but I can appreciate that feeling when you're about to step off the edge. Maybe one day I'll try it - but not just now! :)



p.s. I've answered your question on the lightning photo on my blog comments if you're interested.

Merging Point said...

Try bungee jumping inside you with existence presenting you with umpteen oppurtunities.
Thanks David for your reply.

Swahilya said...

Letting go may be easier in Bungee Jumping, because there is the knowledge of the history of earlier bungee jumpers and the feeling of security the cord gives. But bungee jumping in real life, is quite a different thing.

Merging Point said...

With existence bestowing Masters to be with, what more is needed to let the bungee jumping happen, just that one has to be available.

Even in Bungee jumping(sport), no two persons experience can be same.