Thursday, October 18, 2007

~ TrusT ~

" If you dont Trust people
people will not trust you"

Sounds similar to 'unless you give, you cant receive". Faith, trust - these are ways to the Being. Some have the natural flow for faith and trust, some no matter how things are transparent like to cross the intellectual bridge of suspicion and then reach to the gateway. Unfortunate few are stuck forever in the melee of Confucian and keep their doors closed.
Where there is trust, greater the connectivity. It opens up the channel for free flowing, whether its just a conversation or some financial exchange, moral support or much much more subtler things to happen. Misconception is that when you trust somebody you expect only good things to happen thro them. In Truth, it cant be the Real trust. Trust is for the moment , at the moment. A true friend is one who points out your mistakes. He does that because of the faith in the truth in himself and the trust he has with his friend.
Dont ever break the Trust to get Rusted.
A powerful tool indeed, TRUST!

Trust in yourSelf
The world will trust in you.

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