Tuesday, October 23, 2007

~ MomenT ~

'Just a moment'- can you be here please!

Memorable, experiential and devastating moments have been plenty that fill our life from moment to moment. what is a moment? Is it an activity that happens in a fixed time frame which is generally referred to as one second? Is that all? Not exactly, may be. Grosser side of a moment can just refer to a fixed time. Subtler the Truth that reveals the beauty of both stillness and movement in a nut shell of moment. "Be in the present moment". True, only that can unfold the both sides of the same coin.

Just watch the clouds in the most relaxed state of mind and body. Initially you would be watching the movement of clouds and in a jiffy of a moment, benediction bestows the stillness in that movement-- this is indeed the most precious moment! The true meaning of a moment having both movement and stillness, sound and silence.

In this hurried lifestyle caught in the grosser moments, lets have some precious moments too!

Ways are many, all one has to "Just be".

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