Tuesday, October 30, 2007

~ MaturE ~

"Once mature, a person prefers substance to appearance, fruit to flowers." "The Wise are guided by their belly rather than their eyes"
Lao Tzu

The flowers are soft and fragile, the fruits strong and sturdy. The flower embraces you with fragrance but the fruit can embrace you with fragrance and be your food too. The fruit --beauty to the eye and the belly!
(ofcourse there are some exceptional flowers used for cooking too. Here said in general context).
The mind when immature(Flower) is like the head of a newborn, needing a support. A hand that holds it to remain straight and balanced on its own shoulder. As the newborn grows, (mature-fruit) taking the help of the hand learns to master the balance of retaining its head on its shoulder. The spine, muscles grow stronger to keep it in its place. Babe to boy or girl still have that same hand now to help him/her to walk. The hand, the support continues at every stage until it matures as an adult. Its a wonderful transformation thats initiated on body level fails to continue in the mind for many. The body, the form has the hand(form) to support. The mind(formless) needs to anchor in the formless to have the same wonderful transformation. Meditation is that hand for the mind to hold its head well balanced on its own shoulder. Once matured not just its fragrance but even the pulp(help) emanates its fragrance and fills many.

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