Thursday, October 11, 2007


Living plants are flexible,
In death, they become dry and brittle.
Therefore, stubborn people are disciples of death,
but Flexible people are disciples of life.
-Lao Tzu

Nature, the natural Master bestows lessons on life not by words but by just presenting itself.
What better way can the grass teach the importance of flexibility and adaptability to be a disciple. Amidst the wildest hurricane, its the grass which withstands its fury than the tallest and well grown tree. Not just flexibility alone but its the rooting too which plays the major role. Flexibility can happen only when acceptability happens. Its the same gentle breeze which was caressing the blades of grass that turns into violent wind, its the same waves once a joy presents itself as Tsunami. Wonderful teachings from nature to learn the art of being the disciple, and to accept the Master, the nature as it is. Blessed are the disciples to experience both the ups and downs of life to master one's ownself. To go beyond is first to know both, to have both is to be grateful to the Master.