Saturday, October 6, 2007


Is a bend in the road
and not the end of the road
unless you fail to make the turn

An interesting and inspiring quote found adorning the walls of a courier office. From the time we are born, its always been changes happening at every stage of our life. Both physically and mentally, the changes have been following us like a shadow. One accepts these normal changes found in the growth of a human being. Any interference with the normal change flow can cause the damage both physically and mentally unless one learns to accept and adapt to the change, like if some one lost his limb in an accident and struggles to cope up with an artificial limb. Thats when the inner power comes to the rescue to adapt and be normal with the change.
Change is to know the changeless that exists within and inturn its that changeless which teaches the art of proceeding with the journey when one encounters a turn in the road. The journey goes on with the thrill of turn and twists...