Tuesday, October 16, 2007

~ Attachment ~

Unaffected by affection or estrangement,
Unaffected by profit or loss,
Unaffected by honour or disgrace,
They are the most precious things in the world.
-Lao Tzu

Attachment-- begins from much before birth itself. When the form takes place, it needs attachment. The form yet to be born is attached to the mother's form thro umbilical cord. Nourishment happens through the cord until its time for birth, thats Independence. The trouble begins then onwards even though its reflected much much later as emotional, sentimental and all kinds of attachment.

Master Akshara says,
"Attachment is not wrong, but to what you attach is important.
infact you cant detach without getting attached"

True. The womb is attached to the source, the mother, for nourishment and what a joy it brings forth at the time of liberation(birth) to the source, the mother.Imagine the womb staying inside in the name of attachment forever, what a suffocating experience it would turn out to be as motherhood. Rather, even after birth, they continue to function as mother-child, independant of each other yet connected. No one can eat for another but yes they can help each other in filling up the tummy. When we look deeper into this Truth, its evident that the attachment that happened is with the source . Also it unfolds the subtle connectivity that took place is between the formless and not the forms eventhough superficially it may appear so.
Thats why, Our Great Masters tell us to get attached to the Divine source, thats within you or to The Master. Superficially attached to the form of The Master but deriving the nourishment from The source, His formlessness. In this attachment, there is only nourishment supplied for realization. The mother, The Master eagerly awaits for the birth, the liberation. This is the true detached attachment. Attachment for realization and detachment to desire gives birth to the new born, The Real You.

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