Sunday, September 16, 2007

Worry ~ Think

Invariably, we would come across Asian parents living in west facing this problem of wanting to bring up their children in their own culture in a foreign land. Its a massive challenge for the parents to safeguard their children from getting exposed to constant threats from outside world. Its no better even in one's own land. This "heavy thinking" causes stress on both the children and the parents. "Heavy thinking, in another word called as "worry" is nothing but an adulterated thinking. Thinking adulterated by fear, insecurity, selfishness(however best it may be) and many of the branches of ignorance pollutes the mind and suffocates the individual with the sickness termed "worry".

Understanding the system of "Digestion" can probably give us an insight into this process of thinking. With utmost care taken in the preparation of food, right from selection of ingredients, hygienic condition and safe presentation, the dish is prepared and served. But after the swallowing happens, does one have any control on whats happening inside? one has to just abide with the law of nature or Divine will. Mostly, the food is digested well and it goes thro' smooth process. Sometimes it may result in mild food poisoning too, inspite of the utmost care. This is the factor that explains the element of truth that there is something beyond the perception of human mind. When one understands this factor, then its no longer "worrying" but continues just as "thinking".

Worrying causes stress and strain and ceases the way to solution.Thinking empowers the "living at this moment" and thereby engulfs one in the fragrance of living and not dying as in worrying. Worrying is always related with the
past or the future and never in the present. Abiding and accepting are the Divine fragrances emanated from the flower, "this moment". Worrying leads to confusion and conclusion. Thinking enables one to just be.

So, its not where you live but its "who you are" is what makes the

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