Friday, September 7, 2007

stop TO proceed

A traffic signal that can take us beyond the
routine traffic regulations. While on the move,
whether a person follows the road rules or not,
atleast at the signal, one tends to obey it most
of the time. Stop,Get ready and Go are the signs
that guide us in our journey. According to the signs
indicated, one follows it. Certain situations or events
in our life play exactly the same role. Unfortunately,
there are no coloured indicators for the naked eye
and so many dont pick up the signals and eventually
end up in an accident. This is something like asking a
blind to look at the signal and follow it.

The inner journey too has signals and it is the insight which
acts as the vision. Meditation is that eyeopener to insight.
Shut the external eyes to give way to the opening of
inner eye. Once this is mastered, the signals are well read,
identified and accordingly followed. The journey does have
all these three signals in life and only then its called a journey.
Look at the signals as just indicators and make use of them.
Dont get hooked to them as great(go), good(wait), bad(stop).

There is also yet another subtle beauty that exists within
these signs. The end of going is the birth of stopping, the end of
stopping is the birth of waiting and the end of waiting is again the
birth of going -- wonderful! doesnt it sound similar to the concept of
birth and death?, which is what life is.

Birth and death is a significant signal in life, but its not the destination.
It facilitates to reach the destination, thats eternal.

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