Monday, September 10, 2007

~ IN and OUT ~

Up in the sky
my fellow winged Being
soaring in height
far far away from sight
eyes that lost you
found YOU in my Being
deep within
so near and dear
flight or dive
sky or ocean
here I am
In and Out
into everything


Swahilya said...

My heart is the sky
In which you fly
and when you come down
And touch the ground
You rest in me
In your nest for the night.
The wave is in the ocean
And the ocean bears the waves
If you are the ocean
You are as big
If you are the wave
You are as small.
The choice is yours
What you want to be
Wave or Ocean.

Merging Point said...

Lovely one, Swahilya!

"IN and OUT" conveys that which is
beyond senses reach.
"eyes that lost you
found YOU in my Being"