Saturday, September 22, 2007

~ Beauty ~

Beauty – the word that is usually used to describe an object, in relevance to the otherside the ugly.”What a beauty!” invariably is an expression denoting the physical feature or the creativity. But, it does get expressed in the context of no division between beautiful and ugly, ofcourse that is a rare phenomenon.

Buddha says..
“.. beauty that simply stands opposed to ugliness is not the true beauty”.

The word, beautiful used to describe a certain thing automatically has ugly as its otherside of the coin.Only then it can be used to explain or describe. Whereas, the real beauty can’t be explained but surely can only be experienced. It’s a state from melting to merging. All that pervades in that moment is a deep silence and mostly such a beauty is experienced within the closed eyes. Sometimes, we can also experience such a beauty with our naked eyes wide open. Seemingly less attractive with external features and yet an expression of real beauty can surface. Its that moment which connects to the source and not to the surface. Source has no division, it is as it is.

Living Master Akshara says, “See It as IT is”

No description, no division just Being is the Real beauty! A feel full of love and lightness. No room for intellectual dissections. Crow or a parrot, its just beauty!


Swahilya said...

In the field of consciousness
Beauty is a thing
as Ugliness is
The both manifest
The rising or setting sun
May be a beautiful sight to watch
But not the blinding glow of the midday sun
The sun is the same
But when the points of view change
It is either beautiful or ugly.
The truth is
Both do not exist
Or both do.

Merging Point said...

Division exists in mind as sunrise, sunset and midday sun. In consciousness, its just sun.