Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Asking to Accepting

One has to ask to find out about certain things
in life. Many reach us without asking. They are
general matters related to dealing with day to day
life. When we want to know more about a matter,
we ask. This can be done by asking others or reading.
What begins as asking slowly gets transformed into
accepting, especially while encountering the subtleness
of life.
Asking is equally important as to accepting, just that
one should know to apply the right one at the right time.
When everything is going fine, invariably, no one asks,
why its going fine? But even a slight shift from that can
bring a great imbalance, and this is when all kinds of
questioning starts. Simple way to deal with it, is to apply
logical mind to find out the negligence if any and correct it.
If no such thing is found, accepting is the best way. Ofcourse,
one has to reach the serene state to either choose the logical
one or the acceptance. As quoted by Lord Krishna,
"All that happens is for the good", does indicate the power of
acceptance. Not necessarily, one has to know everything. In
acceptance, there is better clarity and focus. Asking can attimes
become a block but in acceptance, its a total liberation.


swati said...

"As quoted by Lord Krishna,
"All that happens is for the good",--. Lord Krishna does not quote, he states the Truth.

No Master quotes its not a borrowed experience.

Merging Point said...

Thanks for correcting Swati, it should have been,
As lord Krishna says and not as Lord Krishna quoted