Monday, August 27, 2007

Success ~~ Failure

Key words used in the system of evaluation,
that's been existing from time unknown. No
humanbeing gets spared from this mode of operation.
Starting from a child, competitiveness to assess and
evaluate begins. Even in a sport like running race,
the child that comes first is the winner and others
go down the ladder of ranking. So automatically,
competitiveness is instilled which in turn brings
in its friend comparison. All this is done in the name
of "excelling". No doubt to excel is good, but with
what and whom?
Similar to many concepts formed to thrive in this outer
world, this success and failure is one more trap.
"Failure is the stepping stone for success"
" You can fail but need not be a failure" - Shiv Khera
Inspiring ones to move ahead outside. Lets choose
to apply the same to move within. There also one
progress report is awaiting, in the path of spirituality.
"Spiritual progress". The new born seeker, used to his
usual evaluating system is now keen to evaluate here
too. So invariably, still caught up in the mind concepts,
starts to compare with others, just that this time, its
about spiritual outlook. Any kind of evaluation done with
others can only result in success or failure. In the spiritual
path, its within and none to be compared with. May be, one
can say its between the 'i" and the "I",the mind and the
soul. In truth, there is no success or failure. Then ,how does
a seeker know his spiritual progress? As Ramana Maharishi
says, "the lesser the thoughts in the mind, greater the progress".
To make it so simple for a seeker, Master.Akshara says,
"Observe not the people around you, but the thoughts within you".
Just like how one learns the nuances of these traps, turn
within to go beyond the game of "success and failure". Here,
you are the subject, the observer and no examiner. Results
don't get published but your presence will speak for itself.

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