Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Relationship is like a person walking on the road.
He is not independant of the road yet he is not the road.
The road may have pits attimes but its purely dependant
on how he relates to the pit. One can relate only if one is
aware of the pits like the swinging of moods, basic nature,
perception of the individual etc...are some of the pits to be
aware of in a human relationship.
Probably, they didnt name it as relateroad because
comparatively its much easier to visualize the pits on the
road than on the sea. May be thats why its called relationship.
Once you are aware, next comes relating. This is the most
challenging and an interesting one too. The intention which is
simple, direct and good need not always result in good too, if
one fails in this step of relating. For an example, lets say one
approaches a calf to caress. The calf so willingly enjoys the
strokes on its head. Now imagine the same person, approaching
with the same intention to a snake. It would immediately go on a
defensive system and strike the person with venom. Now to
say the snake is bad and the calf is good only shows the
ignorance of the one who is dealing. The snake has its own
charm, so is the calf. Different shapes and shades of creation
with the Divine spark in it.

Henceforth, its vital to have the awareness to identify the pits,
apply the brakes, accelerate as much needed and keep moving
on the drive. So is it not important to ensure that the one who
drives has all these faculties in perfect control and coordination?
Thats where the drive to the inner road within one's ownSelf is

Relate to the Self .....

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