Sunday, August 26, 2007


Is it a feel that overwhelms from the most
unexpected quarters? Words fail to give
an explanation, its the expression which
reveals the experience. The eyes are considered
as the most powerful medium of expression.
Thats why, when the lovers are locked in eyes,
they are lost. The "i" of the individual is lost and
replaced with "I". Not just between lovers, but
with anyone and anything. Its an intense love
that explodes and expands into the very Being.
Expressions can be many, but the essence is just
one and the same. A fragrant flower can only
emanate the fragrance. Its Divine creation. So is
every humanbeing. Unfortunately, the natural fragrant
new born gets impregnated with the artificial fragrances
of this world and appear to have lost the natural one.
Be assured, nothing has the power to eliminate the
natural one. It can only hide. The Divine grace, cleanses
the mind to let the fragrance of love flow from deep within.
One must experience the beauty of loving and being loved.
Love thySelf...

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