An interesting insight into the hidden depths of this wonder word.

Independent -- lets open up this box. The two coins that emerge are

1. Intra Dependant - within
2. Inter Dependant - outside
When we look at the word on the surface level, independent, how misleading
it is, as though it indicates "Not dependant at all". This is the language of the
mind. The inner meaning of this wonder word is the freedom to travel between
the Intra to Inter and vice versa. A truly independent person is one who can
keep travelling between the two worlds --the inner and the outer.

This reminds me of the meaning of Peace and Silence.
Generally, it is said, "I am at Peace" -- indicating the outside world.
Whereas , it is said, " I am in Silence"-- the inner world.

To wrap it up in the Golden words of Wisdom by The Living Master, Swami. Akshara,

" The Freedom to move from
Sound to Silence
and from
Silence to Sound


Ray Gratzner said…
I like this post. I am at peace, I am in silence, well put in words.

I'll be back
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