Saturday, August 18, 2007

Happy DEATH day!!!

Don't worry, its not a spelling mistake. Just an expression beyond
the mind. We are attuned to certain language of the mind from
our young age. The word, Death, is usually associated with the
darker side of life,mostly referred to the casting off of this body.
When one is alive, hardly one focuses on the Death of Ignorance.
Instead, almost lives throughout gripped in the fear of death.

Fear is the Block on Life
Challenge is the Navigator
Faith is the lifeguard
Grace is beyond ALL
Sail thro' the
Ocean of Life
To know
" who am I"

To dissolve in the Stillness, the Death of ignorance and to
experience the Light of Divine, we do need this body and
we do need a life. But to go Beyond as we continue to live, here is

Happy DEATH Day!!!

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