Tuesday, August 28, 2007

keeping quiet ~ Being quiet

When a child jumps around and makes so much noise all the time
in the house, usually, the mother would say, 'keep quiet".
The child out of fear will keep quiet. That's, not shouting verbally.
But have you noticed the restlessness that still exists
in the child, in the form of, bodily movement, fidgeting,
uneasiness etc. Even if the verbal communication is arrested,
the suppression is expressed in the body language. This is
the result of keeping quiet. This can be easily noticed with some
children who are called as, "Hyperactive". When they are
in a new environment where usually they have to present
themselves as normal quiet goody goody kind, one can
feel the result of that so called, "keeping quiet". Its like they will
be waiting to let go. So much of suppression held within.
But, there are some children, who remain calm when required.
They don't pose the goody, goody stuff but just they are quiet.
In such children, there is a calmness seen and felt. Same kid can
become the loudest while playing in the ground. This is the sign
of Being quiet. Its the Being which is naturally quiet.

The mind, can also choose to be a "hyperactive kid" or a "normal
kid". Its for the individual to choose the right one. Circumstances
and situations can force an individual to adopt suppression. Suppression
can pose the, "keeping quiet" attitude and reflect the related expressions
of body language.At times, you can find the lid blow off and will be shell
shocked to the effects of suppression.But, turning within and watching
the mind enables the individual to attain the natural, "Being quiet" state.
In this, "Being quiet" state, one can truly feel the inner Being and also
would radiate the Light within. It is with such people that one would like
to be with.

Meditation is the connecting bridge to cross from "keeping quiet" to
"Being quiet". Its here the process of clearing the traffic jam begins.
The heavy thought waves are dissolved and the mind is made lighter
and clearer. In this quietness is born the lightness of the being.

Feel light within and radiate The Divine light!

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