Thursday, November 1, 2012

Way Of The Wind!

The wind that entered my window
as silently as possible
got a golden name
as a gentle breeze

The feel that it brought
just like the mother's embrace
around the new born
so fresh and new
loved it, loved it totally....

yet another in time
same old friend of mine
came to visit me
totally in a different way

like a wild wave of the ocean
screaming and roaring it came
startled and scared i became
saw some of them
slashed to the ground

people called it a storm
none loved it sadly
though the same wind
this time waited for it
to take away its arms around me
hated it, hated it totally

wait a minute, said the mind
when it realized the force behind
revelation found the words
as it followed...

Disaster as described
by the world
can just be another dimension
of the unchanging consciousness.

Perception differs
perceived differs
none to perceive
nothing to perceive

Silence remains
abiding in gratitude.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work.

Thanks for sharing.

Dan @ ZenPresence

Merging Point said...

Thankyou Dan.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poetry!

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Merging Point said...

Thanks Sara!