Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sacred Space Of A Lifetime!

The sacredness of just being all by yourself is so beautifully overshadowed with concepts of loneliness. Various situations bestow this most sacred space of a lifetime. Many times missed miserably by many yet never too late to realize.

Space crowded with people especially of your own clan brings in some security and comfort that the mind is used to and when the same clan drops out in the name of separation(marriage, work, seeking or death), the individual feels so lost and lonely. Coming to terms with reality turns out to be the biggest challenge.

The root cause for this loneliness primarily belongs to the fact that he or she considers himself or herself as an individual and hence always is in need of wanting something or someone to have that space filled whether its inside oneself or outside. What shocks the most is not just the one who has not even heard the word, meditation but even the so called spiritual seekers go through if not the same but much more sense of loneliness. The danger of concepts and ideas that can engulf is so vividly seen and felt.

Personally speaking, the most blessed moments are those when one is naturally bestowed to be with one's own self especially in this world of chaotic comfort. What is it that can bring in the U-Turn from loneliness to aloneness? simply grace!

If ever we happen to be left alone, let us simply be grateful to existence to such a wonderful opportunity to taste the divine in its utmost purest in that sacred space of a lifetime. let us begin to be available to be with only to realize to just be. Drop the seeking to someone or something, draw the seeking to His grace and remain ever so grateful to all thats happening.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mergingpoint,

These words are a reminder to for me to hold on to what is always constant, the state of the underlying joy whether one is alone or not. It is the reason why we practice isn't it, to be established in unity where there is no sense of separation of other.

Thanks for your wise words.

Merging Point said...

Dear Miruh!

"These words are a reminder to for me to hold on to what is always constant," ----- I wonder if we can "hold on" but yes dissolving totally that happens naturally.

"It is the reason why we practice isn't it," --- again, may differ with the word practice for it brings in duality. It is "trying to" which is not natural and can lead to expectations and disappointments.

may be you meant "just being" with whatever happens in that moment. Sometimes its really hard to put them in words.

glad to have you here as always Miruh! :)

Cleaus N.Browne said...

Hey :) Have you seen this? Are you involved with these meditations to bring the world back to its natural 13:20 synchronised time realised by the Mayans for the good of humanity and our mother earth?

Merging Point said...

Dear Browne,

Had no idea what so ever about what you had mentioned until i visited the link you had sent.

This is purely arising from contemplations within my ownself and i feel, everything is fine as it is and thats what is meant to be...:)

Thanks for your visit and comment too.