Thursday, December 16, 2010

~ Bornagain ~

Written longback, happened to rediscover recently, let me dwell in the memories of the state of mind with the most
powerful moments for my it is, now....

born with a body and mind
unknown to my ownself
an orphan to the self

there comes a time
where rebirth happens
by the grace of the Divine
in the form of Guru

bornagain to know my
embraced by the love of
even amidst the whirlwind
IT swayed so gracefully....
no flood could wash IT
just flowed through IT

where are the protective arms
looking for alms now
no doubt the child has
to learn to stand on ITS own
if i am a child
mother, you will not withdraw
your loving protective arms
if i am an adult
i will no longer be
longing for...
so who am I

an orphan in a barren land.....

both the orphan and the barren land
still belong to YOU.....

nolonger an orphan of the limited
body and mind
just an orphan......


Anna said...

Merging Point, nice rediscovery.
I often go back to, to get inspired usually.

Merging Point another great year passed in blogging world. I want to stop by and wish you and your family again happy holiday season, let it be filled with love and peace, and good health.

Take care, and I will see you next year. Anna :)

Merging Point said...

Thankyou Anna!
wishing you and your family too harmony filled life ahead!
love, hugs and kisses to cute Mathew!

Swahilya Shambhavi said...

The Tamil word for orphan is Anadai, from Anadi - one without a beginning and an end. That is Consciousness itself.

Merging Point said...

oh! this is indeed a very useful information. Thankyou Swahilya!