Friday, January 18, 2008

~ Witness ~

No farewell party
To bid goodbye to the sunset
No welcoming party
To the birth of the moon
As it comes, so it goes
You remain a witness.
Depression in bay
Effects seen on land
Peak of sunshine
Scorching down below
Is a way of the nature
Denial of nature
Is the ignorance of the mind
Awareness bestows acceptance
Protects from the blow of the wind
Or from the scorching rays
Nurture the mind
In the land of awareness
To the way of the nature


Swahilya said...

Tuning in, as nature does.

Merging Point said...

Yes Swahilya!

Anna said...

Beautiful assembly of words. Thanks for sharing, Anna :)

Merging Point said...

true anna!
assembled in words
to turn within...

Anna said...

You are such a smart wonderful and inspirational writer Merging Point - always beautiful replies. Thanks, Anna :)