In Being the jamun The becoming dissolves !! To make a jamun, needs all efforts and guidance. Once made, it is rested in sugar syrup(divinity) to soak and absorb all the sweetness and become one. Not every jamun finds its place as prasad in temple or get tasted elsewhere. No matter what or where it goes, it remains as a sweet. It no longer becomes something but just remains as being.

Broken door to a bridge !!

Happened to see a picture of a dismantled and disfigured door placed on a sewerage drain to cross over and reach the other side. Whosoever had come up with this idea, may be out of necessity needs much appreciation. So neatly and well placed to cross over the gutter, indeed is a brilliant idea. Contemplating on this picture with life, many broken doors as relationships, career growth and so many aspects in our daily lives can be related. Anything that doesn’t fit one’s desire can turn into a broken door. Invariably it gets closed and sometimes gets discarded too.  How about turning the same closed broken door to a bridge in whatever situation one is in. For that to happen, the first thing needs to be an emotional disconnect. One neither has to be in love nor needs to be in hate but to simply be grateful to what it had been and to what it can be now. It’s not about an utilitarian mind set but to just look at it as it is now. When that happens, sometimes it may have to be discarded with

Graceful Turn !!

 Bright and beautiful With the beam of sun rays No I or You for it to be bound To even the aiding rays Blessing or misfortune Call it as you wish Blessed human aware of aids Invariably bound by the same Turns the blessing to misfortune To haunt for many lives Grace as Guru Liberates from bondage What remains is !! Beatitude all around and Gratefulness within !! 🙏

Game called Life !!

Defined rules to play the board game,”Life” Undefined it is for the real life ! Drawn patterns in a limited space, to roll the dice to define the move For the board game, Life. Confined inside the space called body rests the tool called mind to play the real game, life. Living as it seems is nothing more than a game to unveil the real to one’s own self.

Flow or Flaw !

Its often said, "Flow with the river or Be the flow". Pondering a bit on the phrase unfolds the journey of a log in a river. A log thrown in a river has no choice but just flows the way the river takes its course. The fact is it may not really take the entire route of a river for it can get stuck between rocks or anything can happen. There is no mind in the log to think and there is no intellect to discriminate the situation and become aware of the present moment. The log is just fine if it flows or if it is stuck for both makes no difference to it. But, not so with the human being. A human being cannot be like a log for it is blessed with the mind that can be aware and decide. Imagine a human being given a log of wood which he converts it into a boat and uses it for his journey in the river. To tune into the flow(force) of the river is truly flowing. When grace bestows such tuning, the journey of awareness starts to flow. One becomes aware of the rocks to avoid or even if

Hole to Whole !

Hole to Whole contemplation. Exploring the hole May land you in a dead end Excavating the deadend leads you To the unknown world That has no end But complete as it is In silence and stillness No more it's just a hole But truly whole !

Domain OF The Divine !

When you had to get your leaking pipeline fixed, lets say, your friend or neighbour says there is a plumber who can do it and gives you the contact number. You may verify his credentials from your friend and choose to contact him. When you tried calling him, for whatever reasons, the call doesnt get connected. But after some repeated calls, you do get connected, speak to him and get your leaking pipeline too fixed. Now, if someone who had called and could not get connected says, "there is no such person at all", we can only call it as his experience but can not deny the existence of such a person. Similarly, for someone who is not in need of a plumber and denying the existence of a plumber itself totally, once again, indicates just the ignorance. Seeking God is somewhat similar. Until, it becomes your own realization, no matter what others belief or trust is, its not yet yours. But, some people, totally denying the existence of God in the name of non-verifiable is like u